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Since 1989, at ferropharma we are changing the health care market by cutting value chains to decrease cost of drug development and drug availability.

One of our brands, EMELEMA® - Making Latest Medicine Available - is what we believe in and what drives the best talent from around the globe to join us.  

Our aim is to be known as the company that increases patient access to generic and innovative medicine. We focus on building bridges between markets, stakeholders and patients. Collectively, we believe in finding the most fair, straight and reliable provider for the distribution of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) and services. Thanks to our dedicated teams in Brazil, China, Germany, India and Malta, we are using manufacturing plants for high quality products, in the most efficient way. We direct our attention on novel delivery systems and the provision of EU registered and manufactured drugs ..

We made quality our priority. The EMA, FDA and ANVISA standards for APIs and FDFs are our benchmarks that we fulfill.

We operate worldwide but our core markets are China, Latin America and the European Union.




To all our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year

To all our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year

2021 Spring Festival has arrived! The lunar year of the Ox will start now!! Strong, reliable, fair, conscientious, calm, patient and trustful are some of the basic characteristics of the ox.  Characteristics that we see as the fundament for our journey! So, let us make them our leading principles for this lunar year and beyond, to further make a difference in Making Latest Medicines Available!
From all of us @#ferropharma group we wish you, your family and friends a very happy Chinese New Year!!

This year is special…

This year is special…

We wish all of you Season's Greetings and from all of our heart: Health, unitedness, courage for the issues at hand and a truly comfortable feeling at home.

And to those among you who are celebrating Christmas and the Western New Year:

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a healthy & happy New Year!


Lançamento da Dexmedetomidina - Launching Dexmedetomidine

Lançamento da Dexmedetomidina - Launching Dexmedetomidine

Graças a nossa equipe vibrante, enérgica e inovadora no Grupo Ferro Pharma, desde nossos escritórios na Ásia, passando pela Europa até a América Latina, conseguimos entrar no mercado com nossa primeira medicina intensiva.

Atualmente estamos lançando o medicamento ansiolítico Dexmedetomidina, uma versão genérica do Dexdor®, not apenas como um medicamento para reducedir a dor e relaxar usado em hospitais, mas também como um medicamento de apoio para médados que pacientes COVidas -19.

Junto com nosso parceiro Sanval Comércio e Indústria, um dos principais fornecedores de medicina hospitalar no Brasil, que também é nosso parceiro de joint venture para a construção de nosso próprio selo BioBrasil®, estamos lançando o medicamento como nm di inject de hoje. Construímos a infra-estrutura para este evento há 5 anos e estamos felizes em ver nossos esforços terem sucesso desta forma. Com base em contratos já assinados, estamos lançando um pipeline de produtos para os próximos anos que fará crescer as vendas do Grupo Ferro Pharma em 7 vezes e corn.


Thanks to our vibrant, energetic and innovative team in Ferro Pharma Group, from our offices in Asia, via Europe to Latin America we have been able to enter the market with our first intensive care medicine.

These days we are launching the anxiolytic drug Dexmedetomidine, a generic version of Dexdor®, not only as a pain reducing and relaxant drug used in hospitals, but also as a support medicine for Doctors helping to improve the lives of COVID-19 infected patients.

Together with our partner Sanval Comércio e Indústria, one of the leading suppliers of hospital medicine in Brazil, who also is our joint venture partner for building up our own label BioBrasil®, we are launching the drug as a 100mcg / ml injectable these days. We have built the infrastructure for this event for 5 years now and are happy to see our efforts succeed this way. Based on already signed contracts we are launching a pipeline of products over the next years that will grow Ferro Pharma Group sales by 7 times and more.

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