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We never forget there’s a patient at the end of every one of your processes.  As innovative new biologics offer hope for diseases and conditions that were previously untreatable, your process technology should have the flexibility and scalability to support innovation in design.  We also understand that making these treatments fully accessible requires a relentless focus on reducing final product cost by maximising efficiency and driving down process input costs.

At ferropharma bio we’ve built a unique capability across our EMELEMA brand for workflows from upstream cell cultivation and scale-up, through open architecture single-use bioprocessing and fluid transfer assemblies, to filtration, purification and fill/finish technology. Our team offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics to support to every stage of your biomanufacturing process. We also offer a broad range of standard assembly combinations in our portfolio designed to meet the requirements of the most common applications, all underpinned by robust and transparent supply chains for your complete peace of mind.

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Cell Culture

Cell Culture Plate

Our cell culture plates have round edges for better handling. Low profile and low-evaporation lid design assures uniform growth. Tissue treated and non-treated are both available. Non-treated growth surface is more hydrophobic than tissue culture surface and are similar to the surface of a bacteriological petri dish. Small feet on the bottom corners of each plate eliminate scraping of the microscope lens.

Cell Culture Insert

Cell and tissue culture technologies have an increasing importance in the fields of basic and applied life science. New culture vessels and new surfaces for cell adsorption are continuously emerging, in order to simulate the internal environment as much as possible for culture of some special cell lines. Logically, using permeable supports with a microporous membrane becomes the basic method for culturing these cells. Permeable supports may effectively improve the culture of polar cells, because these supports allow cells to secrete on and absorb molecules from their basal and apical surfaces to metabolize in a more natural way, as well as to stimulate the in vivo environment to the maximum extent for culturing of some special cell lines.

Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dish / Plate

Glass bottom series are applied in confocal microscope, high resolution microscope, differential interference contrast microscope, polarized light microscope and phase contrast microscope for cell observation

Cell Culture Dish

Our cell culture dishes are ideal for all types of culturing where microscopic examination is required. Numeric indicators on the bottom of each plate allow users to identify the location of cells.

Cell Culture Flask

Our Cell Culture Flasks whose cell growth areas ranging from 25cm2 to 225cm2 are available.These flasks are available as issue culture treated or non-treated as well as with a vent cap or plug seal cap to meet your requirements.

Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic 2D Matrix Vial

Each vial is permanently marked with a unique 2D barcode, ensuring the vials can be easily and accurately identified when being moved, shipped or even accidentally dropped. Laser 2D barcode on the bottom of each vial allows scanning and decoding at once without removing from rack.

3D Barcode Cryogenic Vial

The integrated injection-molded two-color vial body realizes multi-code tracking, which supports the traceability of samples and data sharing among multiple users, laboratories and automation, rendering warehousing and ex-warehousing of samples more convenient and faster and sample storage safer.

Centrifuge Tubes

250 mL & 500 mL Centrifuge Tube

The 250 mL & 500 mL centrifuge tubes can process a large number of samples at one time and are suitable for the separation and harvest of large amounts of cells, supernatants, bacteria, yeast and tissue samples. Therefore, they are widely used in the field of life sciences and clinical.

Centrifugal Closed System Solution

The pre-assembled Closed System of Centrifuge Tube is convenient for aseptic sampling and transfer during biological production procedures. Each is double-packed and equipped with a seal cap which can be used to substitute the pipes in case of subsequent centrifugation and analysis.

The pre-assembled Closed System of Centrifuge Tube is convenient for customers in biomedical/biopharmaceutical/vaccine production industries to aseptically sample and transfer the tissue and cell culture/ vaccine solutions, which can effectively save the assembling and sampling time and lower the cost.

Microcentrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tubes could be commonly used to collect cells and separate biomacromolecules by centrifugation in biochemistry and other biological fields. They can also be used to store photosensitive samples and special chemiluminescence reagents.

15 mL & 50 mL Centrifuge Tube

Centrifuge tubes could be commonly used to collect cells and separate biomacromolecules by centrifugation in biochemistry and other biological fields. They can also be used to store photosensitive samples and special chemiluminescence reagent.

Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Separation Tube

This product separates and purifies cells with separation solution by means of density gradient centrifugation according to the difference in cell density. With the density gradients generated inside, the target cells can be retained on top of the nested container in the tub, which is designed specifically to separate the target sample from the density gradient medium to the utmost extent; while erythrocytes and granulocytes will sink at the bottom after centrifugation, and the PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell, including lymphocytes and monocytes, etc.) will float on the surface. Only the simple operation of decanting is involved in the final stage, and no other professionally technical operations required.

Liquid Handling and Storage

Square Storage Bottle

Square Storage Bottle is an ideal option of storage and transportation container for culture medium, serum, buffer, intermediates and reagents for biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, reagent R&D institutions, etc. The two kinds of raw materials of the bottle, PET and PETG, are both in line with USP Class VI Class USP<661> biocompatibility requirements and ISO10993 Quality System.

Round Storage Bottle

Round Storage Bottle is sterile and made from enzyme-free plastic in line with product packaging and storage requirements in molecular biology and cell biology, laboratory medicine, genomics and proteomics, etc. Improvement in the quality of product packaging helps to improve the company image and brand value, make our products' packaging comply with international standards and enter the international market.

2D Storage Bag & Filling Bag

- Reliable solutions for liquid shipping and storage with low leakage risk
- Compatible with wide range of chemicals, applicable to multiple processing steps
- Validated biocompatibility and low level of extractables, ensuring safety across all bioprocessing steps including upstream, downstream, and final filling

3D Storage Bag

- Excellent physical property, extremely low risk of liquid leakage
- Wide operation temperature range: -80℃ to 60℃
- Low protein adsorption, low particulate counts and clean extractable profiles
- Wide range of sizes from 50 L to 3000 L
- Applicable to different square containers

196°C Storage Bag

- Complete control of manufacturing process and quality ensures product safety and consistency
- Comprehensive extractables guide
- Compliance with biosafety requirements
- Leak test (bacteria & virus)
- Stable supply chain of film and other raw materials to ensure on time delivery


Vacuum Filtration System

Our disposable Vacuum Filtration System is useful for large volume sample separation and sterilization of tissue culture media and other biological buffers. The units include PES or PVDF membrane filters with graduated filter tops made with polystyrene, and acrylonitrile-butadi ene-styrene necks with polystyrene receiving bottles. A separated sterile polyethylene cap is included. Filtration system is manufactured from raw material of high transparency polystyrene (PS) in three different volumes: 250 mL / 500 mL / 1000 mL. They are available in three styles: complete filter/storage bottle systems, bottle top filters, and receiving bottles only.

Syringe Filter

Syringe filters are used in fields like life sciences, pharmaceuticals, environment, biotechnology, food and beverages, agricultural testing laboratories, etc. In particular, they are widely used in life science laboratories to sterilize samples of small volume, such as proteins, additives, buffers, reagents and drugs. The one-piece injection molded package of syringe filters is made of medical polypropylene, which is resistant to high pressure and product leakage

Depth Filter

- Full-spectrum design to ease all your "worries"
- Remarkable clarifying effect
- High loading capacity
- High protein recovery
- Low leachables and low endotoxin levels
- Wide range of sizes available to meet R&D to commercial production needs

Sterilizing Capsule Filter

- Validated for bacteria retention
- 100% integrity tested
- Compatible with wide pH range
- Have high throughput and high flow rate
- Excellent loading capacity

ND Syringe Filters

- A special design for a side vent on the neck of inlet Provide single and dual layers filters option
- Pore size covers 0.2 μm, 0.45 μm, 0.2/0.1 μm, 0.45/0.2 μm and 0.65/0.2 μm
- Low adsorption, high transmission of proteins and active ingredients
- Identified by a lot number and unique serial number for complete traceability