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We never forget there’s a patient at the end of every one of your processes.  As innovative new biologics offer hope for diseases and conditions that were previously untreatable, your process technology should have the flexibility and scalability to support innovation in design.  We also understand that making these treatments fully accessible requires a relentless focus on reducing final product cost by maximising efficiency and driving down process input costs.

At ferropharma bio we’ve built a unique capability across our EMELEMA brand for workflows from upstream cell cultivation and scale-up, through open architecture single-use bioprocessing and fluid transfer assemblies, to filtration, purification and fill/finish technology. Our team offer complete design, manufacturing and logistics to support to every stage of your biomanufacturing process. We also offer a broad range of standard assembly combinations in our portfolio designed to meet the requirements of the most common applications, all underpinned by robust and transparent supply chains for your complete peace of mind.

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Robust and transparent supply chain guarantees you security of supply for each and every one of the hundreds of consumable items needed to keep your teams fully resourced and focused on the job to be done.


The new range of Single-Use bags from ferropharma Bio give all the advantages you associate with the technology for bioprocess development and manufacturing, with the added security of our robust and transparent supply chain process guaranteeing you the components and assemblies will be there where you need them, when you need them, right first time and every time. The range of bags for all bioprocess applications is designed around high quality work stations for mixing prep and for batch production scalable from 50mL to 3000L. Finally there are a range of options for fill/finish to your preferred format.


Our range of environmental monitoring and control systems can be built into your planning to maintain effective control of your production environment.