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Since 1989, at ferropharma we are changing the health care market by cutting value chains to decrease cost of drug development and drug availability. One of our brands, EMELEMA® - Making Latest Medicine Available - is what we believe in and what drives the best talent from around the globe to join us.  

Our aim is to be known as the company that increases patient access to generic and innovative medicine. We focus on building bridges between markets, stakeholders and patients. Collectively, we believe in finding the most fair, straight and reliable provider for the distribution of Biotechnologies, Finished Dosage Forms (FDF), medical devices, and services. Thanks to our dedicated teams in Brazil, Singapore, India, United Kingdom, Germany, and Malta, we are using manufacturing plants for high quality products, in the most efficient way. We direct our attention on novel delivery systems and the provision of EU registered and manufactured drugs.

We made quality our priority. The EMA, FDA and ANVISA standards for FDFs are our benchmarks that we fulfill. We operate worldwide but our core markets are China, Latin America and the European Union.



Especially for Bio Technology and drug development we focus on the most advanced and innovative regions around the world.


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New technologies to better serve more patients in need!

New technologies to better serve more patients in need!

ferropharma group and Baopharma look forward to meeting you in revelation of and exchange on our cutting-edge projects

Bao Pharma

Bao Pharma

Bao Pharma and ferropharma bio start mutual roll-out of Hyaluronidase at Bio Europe 2023

Hyaluronidase technology

Hyaluronidase technology

ferropharma bio is at the forefront of advancing innovative pharmaceuticals and BioSimilars through our groundbreaking hyaluronidase technology.

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