Our Brands

Our brands

We have given our own services a brand and we are facilitating them from Europe to places around the globe. With EMELEMA® we are establishing German vitamin and natural products from Europe in countries outside of Europe. MYROHA® is a platform for the registration and brand building in China. EsoCap® is developing a novel delivery system for the Esophagus.


BioBrasil ®

BioBrasil® - with BioBrasil® we have created a Joint Venture focusing on marketing "difficult to make" generic medicine in Brazil. Our partners in this venture are established, well connected entrepreneurs in the Brazilian pharma market. BioBrasil will be serving patients with specialty medicine over time, not only in Brazil, but in all countries participating in Mercosur.


MYROHA® - With our investment into Hangzhou Myroha Biotech Ltd., we have secured our access to China. Myroha Biotech acquired the exclusive rights for Zirkulin® in China in 2016. In 2017, Zirkulin® as a brand got acquired by ProsiebenSat1, a leading German Media company, confirming the exclusive sales rights for Zirkulin® in China to Myroha Biotech. With an extensive network of sales organizations Myroha has started its way to become the leading brand building company for German, Austrian and Swiss brands in the Chinese health sector.



ferropharma was lucky enough to get the chance to participate in a seed round investment of EsoCap®, as one of the most promising and unique drug delivery platforms for the human esophagus. Together with other private investors, we support the development with our know-how and network, in order to prepare the final stages of the development. Please see more information directly on EsoCap’s web site.